We are prompt, responsive, and professional because we truly care about the end results for you the customer or investor. Winsco Land Clearing can clear any size property you have. Whether you are clearing 1 acre for a new home site or clearing 700 acres for a military bombing range. We have the land clearing equipment and experts for your project.

We are very passionate about our industry and stay up-to-date on the latest equipment to make sure we bring the very best to every job site. This gives us the edge to be efficient and get it done right the first time.

Trust the land clearing experts for:

  • Commercial Land Clearing
  • Residential Land Clearing
  • Lot Clearing
  • Site Prepration
  • High Risk Tree Removal
  • Clearing of Right of Ways
  • Brush Clearing and Bush Hogging

Winsco Land Clearing will complete your project in a fast and efficient manner.

Forestry Mulching, South Carolina | Winsco Land Clearing


Forestry mulching is a way of completely preserving the ground beneath us, while taking away all of the unwanted, out of control, landscape above. This is quickly becoming one of the most desirable options for mulching. It only takes one piece of equipment to cut, grind, and clear the unwanted vegetation.
Winsco Land Clearing can remove any and all unwanted:
  • Overgrown Brush
  • Under Brush
  • Vines
  • Kudzoo
  • Bamboo
  • Untamed Trees
  • Clear Right of Ways and Pastures
  • Firebreaks

After the job is complete you will have an environmentally friendly and beautifully finished yard!


With the significant expansion that is being experienced throughout the Carolinas, Winsco Land Clearing has been in the forefront. Working directly with contractors and companies that have been tapped by both Federal, State and Local Municipalities our crews are among the first to provide assistance and counsel for the most efficent and cost effective solutions for Right Of Way Land Clearing. 


We have made the investments in our team and machinery to be among the most efficient and productive when it comes to Mobile Grinding. In addition to meeting the needs of our land clearing division.

We provide services mobile grinding services to a wide range of companies, including but not limited too:

  • Tree Service Companies
  • Land Developers
  • Grading Companies
  • and Land Clearing Companies
    (yes we are friendly) 😁

With a small fleet of mobile grinders we are well positioned to serve our clients from Florida to South and North Carolina and into Georgia. 

Our Tub Grinder is perfect for larger projects and tuned for high production grinding. Our horizontal grinder is perfect for smaller, more confined spaces near schools, commercial settings and right of way clearing that could be roadside.