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Mobile Grinding Service | Our New Diamond Z 7000

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Our Mobile Grinding Service is growing to be throughout the Southeast. We know it has been more than a minute since Mark’s last video (Have you subscribed to our YouTube Channel?). He has been moving about the Southeast developing relationships and expanding the business. All of these efforts have caused the need for our new piece of equipment in the stable. In this post we show off our new Diamond Z 7000 Grinder.


Currently on location on it’s first mobile grinding project in Florida. Did you know that Winsco Land Clearing works with developers and grading contractors, providing Mobile Grinding Service including Florida?



As you can see we have made the investments in both our team and our machinery to be the most efficient and productive. In addition to meeting the needs of our Land Clearing division, we provide direct services to a wide range of companies.

  • Tree Service Companies
  • Land Developers
  • Grading Companies
  • and Land Clearing Companies just like us! (yes we are friendly) 😁

Winsco Land Clearing is based in South Carolina providing a wide range of land management services, including: Land Clearing, Forestry Mulching, Mobile Grinding and Right Of Way Clearing for cities and municipalities.


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