Perks of Forestry Mulching For Land Clearing Projects

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Although unintentional, methods for clearing land have tended to be less than friendly to the environment. These methods strip the topsoil of its nutrients and leave their mark behind after trees and other vegetation are removed. They can also have a negative impact on wildlife. Fortunately, a new method known as forestry mulching has proven to be a much more eco-conscious way to clear land for construction projects and right-of-ways.

What’s the Difference Between Forestry Mulching and Other Methods?

Forestry mulching takes advantage of technological advancements by using a single machine to cut, grind, and clear vegetation from a plot of land. These machines can be attached to larger equipment such as an excavator, skid steer, or tractor. Using a single machine for the entire process onsite eliminates the need for other machinery and large trucks for cutting, felling, or hauling debris from the site as part of clearing the land.

Not only does forestry mulching make less of an impact on the land itself, but using fewer vehicles and less heavy equipment also reduces the amount of fuel used or exhaust released into the atmosphere. In addition, less machinery and reduced fuel requirements means there is less expense for clearing the land per square acre.

Forestry Mulching Can Be Used for Many Land Clearing Purposes

Forestry mulching is especially economical for smaller plots of land or areas with less access. When land needs to be cleared for adding highways, maintaining existing roads, servicing pipelines, or creating recreational spaces in a wooded area, forestry mulching can be a very effective method of clearing spaces for the work to be done.

Along with making space for planned projects, forestry mulching is also a great way to clear unwanted vegetation to allow more desirable food sources for local wildlife to flourish. Creating access to waterways that have become overgrown and clearing space for animals to gain new breeding grounds are other ways forestry mulching can be helpful.

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